American Industrial Mining Co.
Preserving Our Mining and Industrial Heritage
A 501(c)(3) Non-profit preservation, restorations and education organization
About Us
Our preservation team located throughout the United States
is passionate about saving America's heritage as a foundation for the future.
We have expanded our preservation network to include, not only coal mining, but all types of mining and industrial segments throughout North America.
  • For over a decade our team has located, saved, preserved and restored historical equipment coast to coast for educational purposes.   Past and present generations gave us feed back stating that they enjoy not just looking at a static display but a working display depicting what their family, friends may have been involved with making a living .
The American Industrial Mining team truely captures
" What it was like " and "How it used to be" in the educational events put on by the group.
The AIMCo team comes from vast professional backgrounds including coal mining, steel mills, construction, rail transportation specialist, fabricators, riggers, machinist, engineers and steam preservationists.
  • Pulling all of these resources together we provide a unique educational experience that encourages future generations to work in the industries that we depict at our events. 
our team has traveled to  preserving our mining equipment heritage.
New Jersey
New York
West Virginia
& Canada

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of our volunteers that not only made all the past but will make our future preservation projects happen.

American Industrial Mining Co.
501(c)(3) organization
Our preservation team is very grateful for any donations made to assist our efforts.