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Greensburg Machine Company
Electric Storage Battery, Trolley, Diesel, SB/TR Combination and
Trolley Tandem Locomotives
Greensburg, Pa
Information gathered from AIMCo's archives, A.L. Lee Corporation
Kevin Bartholow in memory of Jess Bartholow (See Balco History)

Ironton Engine Company, American industrial Mining Company
Greensburg Machine Company
Rudy Schubert started Greensburg Machine Company in Greensburg, Pa. In the early 40's his company designed and had patents on several of the unique features for locomotives.
This line is still in production to this very day under new ownership. Production ended in December of 1960 at the Greensburg, Pa facility and transfered to Ashland, Ky.

  • Researching the records it is believed that Greensburg Machine Company started out rebuilding locomotives. This was a very early Mancha Storage Battery Locomotive for the famous Sunshine Mining Company in northern Idaho. 
  • The locomotive went through the Greensburg rebuild process including installing Greensburg axle drive assembly gear boxes of which were a completely a different design from Mancha.

  • This is the oldest known unit to prove the theory dated from 1943. The builder's tag clearly stamping a construction number in the Greensburg series but this was a Mancha Standard AX model. Still operating in Alabama as of our last visit to American Cast Iron Pipe in 2008.

Greensburg Locomotive Timber Setting Machines
Rudy Schubert demonstrating one of the Greensburg Locomotive Timber Setting machines.
In the picture below notice the saw blade rotating with no guards and a simple bar to hold the material in place. Once the timber was cut to length in most cases it would serve as the post / prop for early roof control in the mines.
The picture to the left shows miners setting a piece of mine rail for the roof cross bar and then the props were set.
Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotives
Standard Models up to 1960
Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotive
1.5 & 2 ton models (Single Motor)
24 inch wheelbase
Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotive
2.5 to 3 ton models (Single Motor)
25 inch wheelbase
Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotive
4 & 5 Ton Models (Single Motor)
32-5/8" wheelbase
Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotive
3, 3-1/2 & 4 ton models (Single Motor)
28-1/2 inch wheelbase
Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotive
2.5 to 12 ton models ( 1 or 2 traction motors)
27-3/4", 36", 42", 49", 54" & 60 inch wheelbase
Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotive
 4 to 6 ton models (2 motors)
36", 38", 42" & 48 inch wheelbase
Greensburg Hydraulic Locomotive
 Deutz & Caterpillar Engines
Only 2 units built in Greensburg, Pa before
production was moved to Ashland, KY
(1) 5 ton & (1) 7-1/2 ton
Ironton Mine Locomotive, American Industrial Mining, Ironton Engine Company
A unique drive system very similar to a planatery drive was designed and patented by Greensburg Machine Company but unsuccessful. 
Greensburg Machine Company designed a dual purpose rail vehicle to transport men and supply cars for the coal mine industry known as the Greensburg Mankar.
Majority of the units were trolley operated but some were storage battery.
Above was one of the first developed for the Harmar Coal Company.
Mike Komerinski, Henry Bork, George Shoff and Gordon Buck 
going for a test run at the Greenburg, Pa facility.
Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotives
Speciality Models

Greensburg manufactured a trolley tandem unit for export in
November of 1960 with a 100 cm track gauge

US Navy Red Hill Fuel Depot Underground Railway Hawaii
US Navy 4 ton permissible Greensburg Storage Battery Mankar

Greensburg produced a dual pupose rail vehicle called the MANKAR.
Pictured above is 1 of units permissible units built for the U.S. Navy Red Hill underground fuel depot in Hawaii.

Unit 1 is on display in Hawaii and currently undergoing restoration. Picture taken by Jeff Livingston used with permission. 

West India Fruit Steamship Co.  
Greensburg  Locomotive
Greensburg Locomotive designed to travel on a car ferry ship from Florida to Cuba
This car ferry Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotive was designed and built for the West India Fruit and Steamship car ferry system.
It is unknown if it made a revenue voyage on an assigned ship due to the mfg date of May 1960 when the locomotive was produced as to the close proximity of when the West India Fruit Steamship Company went out of business.
Notice the unique tie downs for car ferry service.
It is unclear if only 1 unit was built or 4.

Jackass & Western Railroad
(NRDS) Nuclear Rocket Development Station
Greensburg Machine Company played a vital role with the U.S. Department of Energy nuclear programs in the 50's - 60's.
Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotives were shipped to New Mexico Los Alamos National Labratory & to the famous AREA 25 located at the Nevada Test Site.
Within AREA 25 was a secluded railway system that was approximately 9 miles connecting all the test sites together.

Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotive designed for remote controlled unmanned operation to transport the (NERVA) units due to the radioactivity of the cargo.

(NERVA) Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application 
Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotives

Western Pennsylvania coal mine
at an undisclosed location 2009

This Greensburg Cruiser Locomotive was originally built in 1948 and operated outside of Masontown, Pa.
It was then relocated and rebuilt used at this undisclosed mine location in western, pa. It was parked in the motorbarn and the A.M.I.Co team with a few days of minor work and clearing the tracks got it back to operating status in 2011. Perfect running shape. We hope to assist this project to the next level in the next few years.

Western Pennsylvania coal mine
(2) Greensburgs at the Seldom Seen Coal Mine Tour

Seldom Seen Coal Mine tours operates (2) Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotives at the tour mine.
Please stop and visit to go underground for a great coal mine tour experience !! The mine tour has been operating since 1963.

N.E. Pennsylvania Anthracite coal mine
at Porter Tunnel

In 2006 we had the opportunity to tour all 3 anthracite fields in a day with some great coal preservationist friends of ours. This was a 15 Ton Greensburg Diesel Locomotive that last operated at Porter Tunnel.

N.E. Pennsylvania Anthracite coal mine
at Porter Tunnel

Notice the unit was fully equipped with rerailers to put it back on track if neccessary. Porter Tunnel production records stopped in 1993.

N.E. Pennsylvania Anthracite coal mine
at the Number 9 Coal Mine Museum

Another great underground tour mine reflecting the rich history of the Anthracite Coal region located in Lansford, Pa. The Number 9 Coal Mine Museum runs regular tours. The mine has been operating tours since 2002. The original mine operated from 1855 to 1972.
Mike A. inside the shops with the 10 ton Greensburg Locomotive. The mine has 2 Greensburg in operating service.

N.E. Pennsylvania Anthracite coal mine
(2) Greensburgs at the Pioneer Tour

Pioneer Tunnel is the oldest operating mine tour in the Anthracite Region located in Ashland, Pa. The tour offers both an above ground and underground options complete with picnic areas. Pioneer operates (2) Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotives.

Northern Idaho Silver Mine

In 2015 The American Industrial Mining preservation team had a great opportunity to go underground in an opporating production silver deep mine in Northern, Idaho.

Northern Idaho Silver Mine

The same mine had a unique remote controlled Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotive. The operator would exit the unit and load the mine trains underground near the shaft location at the ore bins.
American Industrial Mining Co's preserved  
Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotives
Greensburg Monitor Locomotive
Built for Tunnel Construction Service
This Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotive just came out of our restoration shop in Ohio and was trucked to the Teaberry and Southern Railroad in St. Marys, Pa for a thorough test run. 
The unit originally was in use by the Traylor Brothers Corporation and then was graciously donated to our organization in 2007 when our previous name was
Ohio Vintage Coal Company.

Greensburg Cruiser Locomotive

American Cast Iron Pipe Company located in Birmingham, Alabama operates a unique industrial railway for the foundry and steel pipe process known as the "Hot Metal Dinky Railway"
American Cast Iron Pipe Company was gracious in donating one of the locomotives from the railway for preservation to our organization.

Greensburg Scout Low Type 4 ton

This Greensburg Storage Battery Locomotive was saved in a nick of time as the site of the Eagel Coal Company was being reclaimed near Butler, Pa. This picture was taken when it arrived to The A.I.M.Co motorbarn in Ohio.