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Consol Mine 84

Coal Mine Description
Mine 84 located in Southwest Pa near Cokeburg, Pa.
FUN FACT: Bethlehem Mines had most of their mines in the Pittsburgh 8 seam with all shaft / slope entries.
2010 Consol Energy donated a FMC Mantrip, 42 in ga flat car and mine car.
Mine 84
Formally Bethlehem Mines #60
Eighty Four, Pa
1953-October 1, 2010

In 2007 the mine produced 3,606,093 tons of coal with 490 coal miners working around the clock.
Mine 84
Cokeburg, Pa 2007
2007 our mining preservation crew visited the Mine 84
See the supply slope in action. 
Mine 84 Photo Galleries

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Mine 84 supply yard & rail load out 2007
Mine 84 Equipment Preservation
by the American Industrial Mining Team