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Coal Mine Description
Powhatan #6 Mine located near Alledonia, Ohio in Belmont County is the largest active underground mine in the state.
FUN FACT : Bob Murray purchased this mine from NACCO Mining Co. May 1989.  Powhatan #6 Mine Ohio Valley Coal Co. launched the Murray Energy Corporation which is now currently the  largest underground coal mine operator with 11 Longwall Faces in North America as of 2015. Powhatan #6 Mine still operates a heritage 1918 mine locomotive in daily underground mine operations to take supply trains throughout the mine. (See the pictures in the gallery)
Bob Murray and his son Rob made the decision to donate one of the original underground mine haulage locomotives in 2008 that was tucked away in old workings. The mine locomotive was built in 1918 by Baldwin Westinghouse.
In 2009 the miners produced a remarkable  6,732,699 tons  of coa l with approximately 450 coal miners working around the clock. 
North American Coal Corp Powhatan #6 Mine operations in 1982 had:
(14) Continuous Miners
(30) Roofbolters
(8) Mine Locomotives
(400) Mine Cars
(30) Shuttle cars
(16) Rock Dusters
Powhatan # 6 Mine
Belmont County, Oh
Active Mine
   Pittsburgh #8 Coal Seam
Height: 60 inches
Longwall mining operation utilizing a Joy 7LS1A
Powhatan #6 Mine
Photo Galleries

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Powhatan #6 Mine Underground

Equipment Preservation Projects


Powhatan #6 Mine             

Twin Boom Eimco Roof Bolter
Differential Steel Car Co. Ambulamce Car
11-Ton Jeffrey Supply Locomotive
Trolley Maintenance Jeep
1918 Baldwin Westinghouse Locomotive
Longwall Supply Flatcar
Goodman Mule Supply Jeep

​Photo Gallery
by the American Industrial Mining Team

Special Thanks
Ryan & Bob Murray

for an unbelivable gracious donation preserving our Ohio mining legacy !!

Powhatan #6 Mine
1918 Baldwin Westinghouse Locomotive Preservation
​Photo Gallery
by the American Industrial Mining Team