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Whitcomb Locomotives
Rochelle, IL
Information gathered from AIMCo's archives 1912-1920's builders photographs
and trade catalogs

1st successful Gasoline Locomotive manufactured in the United States.
Whitcomb 1906
In service at a coal mine from 1906 to at least the mid 20's.
Nov 1st 1920 The Coal Trade Bulletin
Google Books
Whitcomb 2-1/2 ton
Listed as JP Morgan Co. for Col Davaux, Port de Toulon, France. All equipped with LeRoi Engines.
April of 1917 Industrial Type
Whitcomb 8-ton Type E with a very unique enclosed cab
18 inch gauge gas mechanical 4-ton Whitcomb Type DD
In service underground at the Cleveland Mining Co.
Hazel Green, Wisconsin  1913 C/N 229
Whitcomb Locomotive 2-1/2 Ton 24 in gauge
3 speed mining type

Whitcomb Locomotive 2-1/2 Ton 24 in gauge
3 speed mining type rear view
36 inch gauge gas mechanical 5-ton
Whitcomb Type DDO
In service at Issaquah & Superior Coal Mining Co.
Issaquah, Washington (Anaconda Copper Mining Washoe, Mont)
1913 C/N 257
It was resold to Hyde Coal 1917 then again
to Pacific Coast Coal less then a year later 1918
Gas mechanical 8-ton
Whitcomb Mining Type
Operating at an unknown location
underground at a coal mine
Whitcomb Locomotive 17 Ton standard gauge switcher
built with cable reel

Whitcomb Locomotive 17 Ton standard gauge switcher
Pulling coal car up a 10% grade by means of reel and cable built with hoist option
Whitcomb Locomotive gas mechanical 3 Ton 30 inch gauge Class DD
Equipped with a Davis 4 cylinder gasoline engine
Operating at Bennett Brick Co.
Muncie, Indiana 1912 C/N 150
Whitcomb Locomotive gas mechanical 8 Ton Class G Heavy Duty Mining Type
Equipped with a Whitcomb horizontal opposed piston gasoline engine.
Notice the blower fan for the cooling system.
Whitcomb Locomotive 4 Ton 3 speed Class DD

Whitcomb Locomotive 3 Ton Interior of the
cab and controls
Whitcomb Locomotive gas mechanical 15 Ton switcher on the test tracks at the Whitcomb Rochelle Illinois plant
Whitcomb Locomotive 25 Ton gas mechanical built for the Panama Canal construction project

Whitcomb Locomotive 25 ton Panama Canal unit
front view
Whitcomb Locomotive gas mechanical 20 Ton Side Rod standard gauge at the
Rochelle Illinois plant
American Industrial Mining has preserved one of these types with a Climax Engine
Whitcomb Locomotive Models
Information provided by Robert H. Lehmuth from the Whitcomb Builder's records
Gas Mechanicals
  • B         2-1/2 Ton
  • C         3-1/2 & 4 Ton
  • D         4 Ton single speed transmission
  • DD      4& 5 Ton 3 speed transmission
  • DDO   4 & 5 Ton 3 speed transmission (wheels outside frame)
  • E         5 Ton
  • FO      6 Ton single speed transmission (wheels outside frame)
  • F         6 & 7 Ton
  • G         8 Ton
  • H        10 & 12 Ton
  • J         16 Ton
Electric Storage Battery
  • ESB  The weight was added in front of the class example 5ESB (5 Ton)
  • ESB-SH
  • ESB-SS
  • ESB-SL
  • ESB-SM
  • ESB-SW
Gas Mechanicals
  • MO 
  • Mine Type
  • UF
  • Fordson (WF)
  • SRD (side rod)