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C.W. Hunt Locomotives
Industrial Railways
Staten Island, Ny
Information gathered from AIMCo's archives C.W. Hunt trade catalogs 002, 072, 091, 11-5,12-1, 9503, 9817

C.W. Hunt Plant on Staten Island, Ny
The unique C.W. Hunt railway systems handled the mined material at the locations of many end users from office building heating systems, to coal storage yards, power plant ash/coal railways and to industial manufacturing plants .
C.W. Hunt self steering design virtually eliminating friction on curves in combination with the outside flanged wheels
C.W. Hunt's unique outside flange wheel design
C.W. Hunt Locomotive 5 ton storage battery
C.W. Hunt 5 ton Trolley Locomotive
C.W. Hunt offered complete industrial railway turn key projects including the railway cars, cranes, material handling components to the locomotives.
C.W. Hunt Railway unique track panels
C.W. Hunt early 4 wheel trolley mine locomotive (1895).
Built for the Brockway Mines, Brockway, Pa.
C.W. Hunt railway sytems offered many options to railway configurations.
C.W. Hunt built this unique crude oil electric locomotive for South America. 
Notice the flanges are the inside of the wheel for this application.
Evidence that C.W. Hunt even built a steam locomotive with outside flanged wheels. This catalog was dated 1895.

C.W. Hunt 5 ton storage battery locomotive
One of many C.W. Hunt Industrial Railway applications.
C.W. Hunt also specialized in early automatic railways some even cable operated.
A typical C.W. Hunt railway coal handling system utilizing their parabolic crane barge/ boat unloader to automatic railway system.

C.W. Hunt Industrial Railway Systems